Monday, July 18, 2011

Why, Hello Blog! It's Been a While :)

When I began this blog in 2009, I did so with all the wrong intentions. I had just begun regularly doing my own nails, and was more interested in getting free stuff than I was in letting people into my life. When I didn't get 100 comments on my first post, I got tired of blogging pretty fast (and actually forgot about this blog until now!)

Since the summer of 2009, my life has actually changed quite a bit. At the end of the summer, I enrolled in several courses related to the beauty industry and received several certificates including Licensed Nail Technician, Pedicurist, Waxer and Eyelash/brow tinter. I did this all while working hard in University, on the road to becoming a Speech Pathologist. Again, boy have things changed!

I am still in University, but am currently working towards my Bachelor of Arts Degree with the hopes of getting my Primary/Elementary Education Degree very soon. I am also still a Licensed Nail Technician (as well as everything else), and nail art is still my passion (though I am also in the early stages of becoming a makeup junkie).

I hope to update this blog much more frequently than I did before, I think a 2 year break is a little much. As a Nail Technician, I get the opportunity to try out tons of products, and I have learned a few tips and tricks for the at-home nail artist to replicate awesome salon styles on a budget. I will be sharing these tips with all of you in the very near future.

Happy Nail-ing!